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30 Ideas for Decorating Desserts

When it comes to desserts, the Kitchen Chicks know a thing or two. They aren’t always pretty, but they are most certainly delicious! But, that got me thinking – how do you make beautiful desserts? Then it occurred to me that beautiful desserts, like a lovely home, are typically decorated appropriately. So, I came up with 30 decorative ideas (some classic, some modern) to make all of your dessert dreams come true. Continue reading

ground turkey sandwich

Healthy Grilled Turkey Cucumber Sandwich

I’ve been looking at my life through the eyes in the mirror and not liking what I see very much.  It seems to me that much of my life is out of shape–quite literally.  So, I’m making a commitment today to eat healthier, walk more, and make my outlook even more positive.  I truly believe we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it and it’s even easier when you have a partner to help you through the rough spots.  Dolly and I agree we both are in need of some changes, so this meal is a step to a healthier me, and thanks to Dolly and a strong need for change, this is my year.

I know you’re going to love this recipe as much as we did.  I had some ground turkey in the freezer that I bought on a whim last month, so I thought, “Well, that’s one way I can eat healthier and use up that meat I bought on an impulse buy.”  See, there are good things that come from changing your habits. :)  Here’s a picture of the outcome.

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How to Bake the Perfect Pie Crust

How to Get a Perfectly Flaky Pie Crust – 9 Common Problems Solved

Pies. The dessert of America. Fifty million pumpkin pies are sold during the Thanksgiving holiday alone and the chances that you will make a pie this year are high! Whether you are making a lemon buttermilk, cherry, pecan, blackberry, chocolate, a meat pie, or any other pie, it’s important to know how to make the perfect flaky pie crust. We’ve collected the most common problems and coupled them with the solutions to make sure your pies are the best in the neighborhood!

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Low carb cheesy chicken

Cream Cheesy Low-Carb Chicken

Hi guys!  Momma chick here to tell you about a great little recipe that I made for my husband and I last night.  It’s also very low carb (only 3 grams per serving) so you can enjoy every bit without even a smidgeon of guilt.  Now that’s my kind of dinner! Serve this with a nice salad or some fresh green beans and you’re set.  So, without further adieu, here is the recipe:

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Dave's Southern Fried Eggs

Dave’s Southern Fried Eggs – A Fabulous and Quick Brunch Idea!

Recently, my brother, Dave, came to visit me here in Austin, Texas. I love when he visits! Aside from porch sitting, and enjoying delicious cups of coffee, he always brings a great recipe for us to share with you guys. (Remember the pear dessert?) This time he brought sausage wrapped, fried eggs! This breakfast recipe is like toast, sausage, and egg all in one. It’s rich and impressively tasty. Also, it’s pretty simple to make, so you can whip it up in no time for guests.

You could pair it with breakfast potatoes, if you like, but fruit salad was a great side for us. There’s no secret to the fruit salad recipe either. We put a bunch of our favorite fruit in a bowl with a tablespoon of orange juice and mixed it up. Anyhoo, here is the recipe for you all to enjoy. Continue reading